The Right Age to Play With a Soft Toy

Going to meet a friend or a family member and struggling to find a right toy for their kids can be real pain for a person with no idea of these things. The babies either infant or a toddler, have different choices of toys according to their age groups and the one toy that never gets crossed out from the list of the kids as well as adults in your very Own Soft Cuddly Toy.

Let’s find out how these soft toys like caterpillar, cute panda, elephant, teddy bear, motu patlu and other so many characters matches the playing needs of all kids going through different developmental stages of play.

Toys for kids of 0-12 Months

The baby when arrive in this new world, does nothing but observe the people and his surroundings with all his senses. The blurry vision of the new born demands some Find out more and the toys that are softest for the soft sensitive skin of this new member of the family. The cuddly feel of these toys will help the baby get sleep like someone is lying beside him for his protection all the time.

Soft Toys for kids of 1-2 Years

Getting exposed to language of the environment around, the kids of this age seeks some partner with whom they can play, talk and fantasize everything they want as their whole-time partner. Not much mature to get some serious toys, the kids will love to play with his favourite buddy in the most safest way.

Soft Cuddly Toys for kids of 2-3 Years

Imitating the actions and behaviour of family members around them, the kids will try to repeat it with someone very close to them and who can be better companion than their chaddi friend Teddy bear at this time. Their activeness in this age, will make them play with these soft toys life their real life friend keeping them safe from the outer world dangers.

Virtual Friends for kids of 4-5 Years

This age demands the toys which can trigger the learning ability and instructiveness among these little bundles of joy. So, they play with the soft toys like some students in their virtual classroom, guests in their virtual house, patient in their virtual hospital, customer in their virtual store and the list just goes on.

Game Toys for kids of 6-7 Years

Achieving the stage of different interest than their previous times, the kids get influenced by their teachers, peers and the society and tries to do same with their best friend sitting at home i.e. their favourite soft toy. This helps them in getting their feelings and emotions out of their heart in a healthy way.

Soft Games for kids of 8+ Years

Even the adult like interests and hobbies of these kids cannot defeat the passion and love for the soft toys that they are playing since their childhood. From sharing their secrets with them to making them their silent best friend, they always trust this cute toy to get along with them all the time.


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