Possess An individual At any time Experienced In order to Split Often the Goblet Distributor?

When we hear the words “Split Glass in Unexpected emergency” we will not really believe about the “glass” in the split glass station. Following all, it is only a small cog in the bigger photo of what the device has to do – set of the fire alarm for occasion. And how numerous of us have at any time experienced to split the glass in an crisis anyway?

But if you are a Security Supervisor the Break Glass is a extremely important function to feel about. Are you actually asking a member of the community or staff to break a piece of actual glass? If so, you are inviting them to critical injury if there really is an crisis, not to mention the hazards caused if the glass receives broken accidentally. The shards remain for any person to pick up.

Until finally just lately, actual (and probably dangerous) glass was all that was utilised in crack glass stations.

These days are long gone and now there are safer alternate options. Each a single, nonetheless, raises its own concerns and the right “glass” for every use wants to be carefully deemed.


Safeglass is a new material especially created to be employed as a break glass in crack glass stations. It is the only content to have been created for this 1 goal. It is very clear so the basic safety device it shields can be noticed via the glass. Breaking power is controllable and it breaks safely and securely into pieces that are not able to lower. If broken unintentionally, the pieces can be safely and securely picked up and cleared away by cleaning staff.

What is much more, the content can be made into almost any condition or colour producing it ideal for a variety of reasons.

Safeglass acts in a extremely comparable way to glass but it significantly lowers the danger of damage when damaged.


Numerous plastics, this sort of acrylic, polycarbonate or polystyrene can be used for the break glass. These plastics are hard and difficult so they have to be processed to make them split a lot more easily.

1 way is to put grooves into the plastic. This is an art in itself – the configuration of the grooves will determine how simply it breaks. The aesthetic attributes also need to be taken into account when designing where to put the grooves and what type they must be.

Toughened Glass

Some companies use toughened or tempered glass in their split glass stations. This is very tough glass – the variety normally discovered in the aspect windows of vehicles. double glazing swansea breaks into very small cubes when broken and is therefore a lot safer than typical glass. It is very hard and is tough to split. Sometimes a floor down spot is included in the design to make it weaker.

When picking what type of glass to use, take into account where the gadget is, how it is to damaged, what characteristics need to be prominently exhibited and who is likely to be utilizing it – general public or employees. If in doubt, ask your crack glass supplier who will normally be satisfied to supply suggest and samples so that you can chose the very best content for your needs.

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