Learning English Online: Reading Exercise about Gun Violence in typically the United States


Reading Exercise within English intended for Intermediate together with Upper-Intermediate Quantities. Read the following written text, learn new terminology and even answer the concerns beneath:

“Every year, there are more in comparison with ten thousand gun-related fatalities in the United States. Among developed countries, it is by far the land with the greatest common of homicides due to guns. Massacres and shootings preserve happening presently there on a regular foundation. Not a soul has forgotten the 20 children who were being killed by Adam Lanza on Sandy Hook Primary University in 2012.

However, despite these types of tragedies, zero is being done to switch the gun regulations in the states. Why? Generally for 2 good reasons: 1) the weapon market and gun associations including the NRA are very powerful, and 2) guns are an critical portion of the country’s individuality. Certainly, in the eighteenth century, once the U. Ersus. nation was initially produced, People in america lived in a good outrageous land full of predators and dangers. Weapons such as guns were essential for safeguard and survival. This kind of is exactly why the ideal to keep and keep firearms evolved into part connected with the U. S. Composition.

The challenge is the fact that, today, the idea that will Americans need guns to help protect on their own is absurd. This is the 21st century and the U. Ersus. is expected to be some sort of civilized state which knows of which the proliferation of markers causes considerably more offense plus insecurity, not necessarily less. That statistical real truth has also been proven over and more than in other developed countries where tight gun laws happen to be in position.

Thus, for you to solve the problem regarding gun aggression in The usa, there might be only one remedy: less markers. Three 100 ten million florida are usually currently in circulation from the U. S. That variety have to go down mainly because soon as possible, but precisely how? The two just about all urgent steps are 1) to bar assault weapons with high-capacity mags, in addition to 2) to be able to create common background checks create certain that criminals and emotionally insane people are certainly not capable of purchase guns ever again. inch


Firearms: weapons.

NRA: Country specific Rifle Organization.

Rifle: sort of gun.

Cosmetic: this fundamental principles of the land.

To ban: in order to make outlawed.

Assault tools: semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines.

Mag: a detachable receptacle on a good marker containing the principal points.

Universal background checks: confirming criminal arrest and mental well being details before selling pistols to be able to a person.

Insane: insane.


1. What had been among the last big shooting tragedies in American background?

installment payments on your How can Us citizens make sure that crooks and crazy people do not get access to guns?

three or more. The reason why did the suitable to keep together with have guns become section of the Circumstance. S. Metabolism?

four. Precisely how many Americans die via firearms every year?

a few. What do Americans need to understand in the particular 21st one hundred year if they happen to be in order to be seen as a new civilized country?

6. Precisely why happen to be gun laws not altered in America?

7. What is the option to gun violence in the usa?

8. What is the particular name of the strongest gun-rights association in the united states?

9. What are the two primary steps that should be taken to create rifle abuse in America lower?


1. Sandy Hook Elementary School.

2. By means of bringing out universal background checks.

3 or more. Because at of which time, guns were essential for the protection together with tactical of Americans.

some. Much more than 10, 000.

a few. More guns increase offense plus insecurity.

6. Due to the fact the weapon field and even gun relationships are way too powerful, and because guns are an essential element of the U. S i9000. identity.

7. To lower this amount of guns around the nation.

8. This National Weapon Association.

in search of. used guns plus introduce widespread background checks.