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How Entrance Mats Enhance Your Business’s Image and Safety

Entrance mats can have an enormously positive effect on both the image and safety of your business. Not only can they boost customer satisfaction by creating a clean and safe atmosphere when guests enter your establishment, they can also play an instrumental role in customer retention by creating an inviting experience when customers come inside.

Entrance mats can also help limit the amount of dirt brought in on people’s shoes, saving both time and money spent cleaning your floors.

Unkempt floors and walls, litter tracked in from outside and clutter can make an unfavorable first impression on customers visiting your shop, diminishing their ability to connect with it as a business.

Clean, organized workplaces not only look better but they can instil confidence among visitors – this is especially important if they have never visited before.

An organized work environment can greatly enhance productivity by decreasing staff turnover and keeping people content in their job. Furthermore, it will contribute to building an ideal work culture.

An entrance mat that fulfills its intended function is essential in keeping your business secure, but also helps improve brand image. A well-made entrance mat shows customers that you care for their workers and customers while simultaneously increasing productivity and profits as employees focus on staying healthy and following safety guidelines.

Entrance mats not only protect workers from slips, trips and falls but they also keep floors cleaner by limiting dirt and debris entering your facility and helping prevent moisture seepage which could otherwise cause irreparable damage to flooring surfaces.

Entrance mats come in various materials, from rubber and woven seagrass mats to nylon, aluminum and cork mats and polypropylene options. Your choice of material for the mat you use at your entrance will determine its lifespan.

An attractive branded commercial mat can help your company establish a visual identity, build client trust and showcase key marketing messages about what your business stands for.

A well-designed commercial mat can not only trap dirt but also help prevent slipperiness on wet or slippery floors, reducing accidents and claims for liability. Furthermore, it will keep floors dry, clean and safe reducing cleaning bills while improving health outcomes for staff members.

Commercial mats are an effective and economical way to promote your business and drive customer traffic to it, strengthen brand recognition, and attract new customers. Though small in cost, this small investment can make a substantial impactful difference to your bottom line.
Ultimate Mats should be your number one consideration when selecting an entrance mat for your business. A durable entrance mat enhances its image by helping to reduce slipperiness accidents while keeping floors safe and hygienic.

An effective commercial entrance mat must cover the width and entrance area immediately inside and outside your building, from 24″ by 32″ mats up to 36″x 25 feet rubber mats made to order.

Matting rolls are ideal for large commercial entrances as they cover an expansive surface such as an indoor pathway, outdoor ramp, or sidewalk.

FloorGuard Commercial Entrance Mats feature a sturdy polypropylene construction with a ridged surface design to scrape shoes clean of dirt, moisture and debris before the rubber backing provides durability and traction control.

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