Gas Hobs For Your Kitchen – A Quick Guide

Gas hobs have always been popular as they give more control and quicker heating than electric hobs. It is rare you find a modern chef cooking on anything other than gas as they offer an instant change in temperature.

A good kitchen layout will help hob safety, and this should be considered before placing the hob in your kitchen design. You should be able to transfer a pan from hob to sink without going through any obstacles or crossing people.

Try to allow room to place the hob down either side of where it is installed, as this gives the chance to take the pan off the hob in complete safety, rather than having to pull backwards to find space. Don’t place the sink to close to the hob – hot fat reacts badly with every liquid such as water and juice. Also refrain from having the Hob near a window in case you need to open it.

Choose from a vast array of gas hobs from the leading manufacturers of appliances. We are spoiled for choice compared to a decade ago, with new shapes and designs as well as sizes and colours.

The smallest gas hobs are referred to as ‘domino hobs’ and are usually 30cm in width. They can be just a single wok burner or a 2 burner gas hob. Domino models are designed to offer the best of both worlds, as you can combine them in a work surface with an electric ceramic or induction hob.

Traditional gas hobs are 60cm in width and have 4 burners. One is often a rapid burner at around 2.5 kw of strength, or some models have a rapid and a wok burner. Wok burners are about 3.5-4 kw.

The latest and most popular finish is glass with a stainless steel trim. This combination looks terrific and has an easy to clean surface, but shows up grease very quickly compared to steel or white hobs.

Must have technology for the Gas Hob For Kitchen is the ‘flame failure’ or ‘safety cut out’ feature. This
means a heat sensor knows if the flame has gone out so automatically cuts out the supply of gas, preventing leaks and possible explosions.

The main brands for gas hobs in the UK are Neff, Bosch, Smeg, Whirlpool and Hotpoint. Baumatic and CDA offer a huge selection at a lower price point, but the most popular are Indesit and Electrolux. Price varies with the kind of pan stands on the hob. Enamel is a smooth metal gloss finish, and cast iron pan supports are much chunkier and have a rougher texture and hold the pan in a more secure fashion.

A minimum of 750mm clearance is required above a gas hob to a cooker hood. The gap maybe reduced to 727mm above a gas hob but the hood must be cleaned regularly to prevent a fire hazard.

Wall units either side of a hood must be at least 366mm above. A minimum of 300mm clearance is required either side of the hob if installing next to a larder unit or flammable material.