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The IPL Ice-Cooling curly hair removal device could achieve a powerful locks removal impact, many of these as in beauty salons with the pain-free and injury- no cost hair removal approach. Permanent hair decrease in four days! With much more compared to 1 million effective flashes, one particular tresses removal device could meet the tresses removal requirements with the entire loved ones!

The particular typical configuration regarding hair removal equipment in beauty beauty parlors? sapphire Ice-Cooling light result

Ulike, like a frontrunner, creates the cosmetic remedies hair removal unit for property employ with its patented sapphire Ice-Cooling technologies so that users can get pleasure from the particular final results of typically the salon hair treatment at home.

Regarding hair removal without having Ice-Cooling, the temperatures at which the sunshine reaches the epidermis is 70? 100

The patented sapphire Ice-Cooling technologies cools the skin temperature lower to 10?? forty?

To avoid the particular burning sensation in addition to thermal harm towards the skin caused by simply high temperature

The particular flat sapphire lamp holder is less complicated to clean compared to the concave light fixture holder, with no worrying about breeding microorganisms and without having impacting on the hair treatment effect.

Right after a single million flashes, the particular energy reduction will be much more than eight %! n(MISSING)ight and hair removal is usually possible.

Once each and every two days in the course of several weeks 1- two, concentrating on the hairs in the anagen period Twice every week regarding weeks 3 – four, targeting locks in a fresh anagen phase As soon as or twice a month just after four days to consolidate the particular hair- no cost effect.

five energy ranges to meet the requirements of whole — body hair treatment

(face, lips, armpit, bikini line, arms, legs plus chest)

Please compare the skin colour graph and or chart with the skin very carefully just before acquiring the hair removal system. The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is definitely a safer light source for hair removal at dwelling, but with typically the selective photothermal impact, dark-skinned people today are with danger of skin area burns, so many of us advise dark-skinned folks to purchase this particular device reasonbaly.

Permanent Hair Removal in 4 Weeks in Property: The Ulike Air+ IPL Locks Removal Method makes use of the exact same clinically tested IPL sky-blue Ice-Cooling hair removing technologies employed simply by dermatologists and cosmetic salons to achieve a clear hair removal effect and permanent locks reduction in 4 weeks! Suitable with regard to any component associated with the physique, like arms, thighs, armpits, face, upper lip and also the swimsuit line.

?? Efficient AND PAINLESS WITH Safety Assure: Compared together with a conventional concave head, our unique improved flat precision mind increases the speak to area of the light to avoid mistakes and repetitive strokes and boost the hair removal impact. Our resolution in addition reduces clogging brought on by hair in addition to dust and makes cleaning less difficult. Verified by relevant certifications (such as SGS, RoHS, IEC, and even FDA) proving.

?? Effortless to use, laser hair removal bikini ) 000. 000 light-weight pulses: The lightweight and ergonomic design is lighter, so you can comfortably keep the device and even stay away from tired in fact with long employ. There are 1- five energy levels obtainable for hair removal throughout typically the body. Our item can be changed freely, appropriate intended for skin with different sensitivity. You could adapt the level in accordance with your own epidermis.

??? 1-year quality assure 30 days cost-free return Soon after 10 remedies you could get pleasure from silky easy skin for lifetime with no annoying hairs. Contains 1 hair removal, 1 compact thinner, a pair of sunglasses, 1 energy supply (60V/1500mA) in addition to 1 luxury sack. Net weight 284g, quick and effortless to make use of.

Item Bundle Measurements
L x W x H? 28, four times 21, six times ten, 2 centimeters
package weight?
one, 73 kilograms
Item Dimensions L x W x They would
(16, 7 a three, eight a 6 centimeters)
Brand name
? Dark Green
Skin variety
Producer reference:?

Solution Dimensions
? 16, sixty six x three, 8 x 6, 05cm 1, 73 kilograms

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