Do’s and don’ts for Online Poker Room

We all know that poker is not a child’s play. Playing poker online requires experience and knowledge of the game. There’s no formula for success at the table, but you should know the do’s and don’ts at the table. Here are some things which you should and shouldn’t do at the table.




  1. Not revealing your emotions


Other professional players keep an eye for emotional outbursts in players. They use it to predict their moves. So, even if you get a good hand, you should keep your cool. Your emotions can be used against you at the table.


  1. Play when it’s your turn


There is one thing which people loathe in a game and that is someone who plays out of turn. Someone who plays before his or her turn is a big no. This is an important thing to keep in mind. Play only when it’s your turn


  1. Play some good hands


When in a game, don’t just play because you have to. This way you will only lose money. Play only your best hands if you have them. If you have a JJ or a KK or an AA then make a move. These cards will create a good chance for you to win the game.


  1. Play in time


We don’t suggest that you make a hurried move, but you should keep a check on time. In a game, you can take your time in making a decision or bet but don’t overdo it. People will be ok with the former, but not with the latter.




  1. Too much bluffing


This one is a big no-no. This will project you as an amateur in the eyes of the experienced. They will then use it for their advantage. Bluffing works are good a few times. Experienced and new, both players do it at some time or another.


  1. Losing your cool


If you want to stay in the game, then you must keep in mind this one point. No good player will ever lose his or her cool whatever be the situation. Poker is a long game and you must keep your head calm. Then only you will be able to think clearly and make good moves.


  1. Fidgeting with chips


When at a game you should keep your hands in control, however restless you may be. Most people do this mistake. When restless they start fidgeting with chips. This irritates the other players. Not only this, but it also tells them that you are nervous.


  1. Blabbering at the table


This is one thing which should be avoided at any cost. Some players use this tactic to distract other players but you should not use it. Usually, it proves to be more harm than good.


We will not tell you that by following these points you will win the game. These points will make you come across as a good player in front of other players.