Do Cellulite Treatments Work? Know the Answers

Perhaps this is the first question that will come to your mind when you are looking for ways on getting rid of cellulite. Through the aid of this article, you will be able to find the right answer to such a question.

Women are experiencing problems brought about by cellulite, a fat that appears in the skin. Because of this, several treatments are now available to get rid of this fat. However, there are still no cellulite treatments that work permanently and some are still tested to prove their effectiveness. Although there are no permanent cures, there are some treatments that might give temporary improvement on cellulite. The foregoing paragraphs provide the proposed treatments and their effectiveness in curing cellulite.

This is a developed cellulite treatment in France is pretty accepted by European women. Mesotherapy is a procedure that focuses on a number of injections made into tiny cellulite pockets. Every injection contains a dose of supplements as well as homeopathic medications which are said to split fat and wash it away.

However, after scientific studies, there are still doubts about the effectiveness of this treatment. People think that cellulite treatment involving the use of injections increase the possibility of acquiring side effects and other horrible problems. Literature also cites no enough evidence that this treatment works but rather causes some very grave infections on the patient.

Another famous cellulite treatment is Endermologie. This is a deep-massage approach which reduces cellulite by suctioning the skin using a device with a vacuum and kneading it with a set of rollers. Studies showed that a deep-tissue massage can split fibrous bands and helps in circulation and enhances skin appearance.

Regular maintenance treatments are necessary to keep up appearances. This works for some women but the effects are usually short-term. This treatment is costly but some people experience satisfying results after the treatment. However, there are also people who get no results.

Cellulite is fat but it does not mean that liposuction, which is a treatment to reduce fat, is necessary. Actually, liposuction does not help reduce cellulite, but rather, it makes the fat look worse. Fibrous bands give the cellulite appearance and getting rid of fat through liposuction wouldn’t really do much. Liposuction can only focus more on fat that is located beneath your skin’s surface.

Other alternative treatments are over-the-counter and prescribed creams that are accessible everywhere. Creams with caffeine or theophylline are proven to have an effect on cellulite by dissolving fat cells but some studies show that this is not true. These cellulite treatments may work in some people but proponents cautioned and said that the effect is not permanent. Theoretically, caffeine or theophylline dissolve fat, but it does not do much by just slathering it on the skin. Applying the cream on the surface of the skin cannot take it near the fat deposits.

Some people rely on regular exercise and healthy diet as treatment for cellulite. However, it does not essentially solve the problem. Getting regular exercise and eating a healthy diet can help one lose weight and decrease fat in the body that is trapped in cellulite. This is helpful in the cellulite appearance is genetically predetermined.

Herbal medicines can be treated as natural and traditional ways of treating cellulite. But there is no evidence that a combination of herbs or vitamins can have an effect on cellulite reduction. A natural and traditional treatment doesn’t mean a safe and effective treatment.