After Addiction Treatment, what then?

“After Addiction Treatment, what then?
After addiction treatment, what then? A sponsor is your own personal coach or teacher to help you through recovery. There are three levels of support in 12 step groups.
The first level is people who are general supports. They will offer to go out for coffee, give you a lift to a meeting, or give you their phone number. You can’t have enough friends like that.
The next level of support is a temporary sponsor. They’re someone who you would like to spend time with talking about recovery. They can be a sounding board. They can help you understand the format of meetings. They can call you and motivate you to go to meetings. They can also act as an early warning system to help you recognize if you’re in denial, or if you’re in the early stages of emotional relapse. You can have more than one temporary sponsor.
The final level of support is a sponsor. Once you’ve been in recovery for a while and you’ve checked out some of the meetings you’ll want to find a regular sponsor. They are a teacher to help you learn the 12 steps. The next two sections deal with finding a sponsor and doing step work.”