A Guide to a Better TV Wall Mount Installation

Most home owners and apartment renters want to save space especially when they have a big ticket item like a Big Screen TV. The usual way to do this is to mount the TV to the wall using a wall mount. Most people usually get professionals to install the mounts in order to avoid the hassle of the doing the work needed. Although this is done if people do not have the necessary skills or know-how to accomplish the mounting job, there are a few guides already floating on the Internet on how to actually finish a good and solid in a DIY manner. For people looking to save a few bucks from a professional tv mount installation in Toronto, here is a quick guide.TV Mount Installation Cost: Average TV Mounting Prices

The VESA Standard is the standardized measurements that each TV maker follows. There are mounting hole patterns that can be found in the back of the TV. The TV manufacturers provide a list of the measurements for the VESA Standard mounting pattern which you can then take note of. This allows you to peruse the right wall mount product to buy before the TV Wall Mount Installation.

After checking the VESA standard for your TV, you can then go shopping for the right wall mount product. Each product follows a specific measurement based on the VESA Standard. Each product should have the necessary bolts, arms, base and screws. There are also some products that provide the necessary tools that enable the DIY person to get on the job ASAP.

Plaster? Wood? Cement? Steel? This is a pretty straightforward checklist before actually making measurements and drilling the holes for your TV Wall Mount Installation. If you are living in an apartment, check out your lease of drilling is allowed for the unit. Most are allowed but some are not. Warranty’s are also there if the product does not stand up to the strain that it undergoes when installing or after installing. With this quick guide, get a complete online tutorial for the needed steps of a TV Wall Mount Installation.

A TV wall mount installation can be quite easy if you follow some of the guidelines available. Installing your television on the wall can be achieved in simple ways. Below are some of the tips that will help you do a good job of it: The first thing that you will need to find is a mounting bracket. Basically, there are three types of brackets available on the market, such as the flat wall mounts, tilting wall mounts, and articulating wall mounts. Find their uses and characteristics, and see the appropriate one for your TV. Additionally, look for your user manual to see the type of mounting brackets that the manufacturer suggests. Make sure that the brackets you choose will be capable of holding the full weight of your television.

Before setting your screen, make sure to pick the right location. It can be frustrating if you have to change the locations every so often in case you don’t find it comfortable enough, as the process is time-consuming and may damage your walls. To know if it is the appropriate location for your television, try to sit down on your sofa and imagine the height appropriate for the TV. Ensure that your TV wall mount installation is set on a level that is not too high and is comfortable for your viewing experience. Also, ensure that it is near any power or cable outlets, and there isn’t anything that’ll block your view of the screen.

It is also important that you locate the studs first before installing your device. Locating the studs will help secure your TV, and it will provide support to its weight. Additionally, it will reduce the damage that may be done on your walls, and it will secure your TV in place if there are any mild earthquakes down the road. Lastly, find the rails attaching to the TVs, and fit them to the mounting brackets. Locate the studs and mark the location where you will be using your power drill. Secure the mounting brackets and make sure that they are set firmly before installing your television.